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75 West 100 North

Midway, Utah


Phone:  435-654-4204​

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Complete our liability waiver before you come to save time. 


Liability Waiver

A liability waiver is required for all individuals entering the Midway Ice Rink.  Save time waiting in line by signing the online waiver before you arrive at the skating rink. 



Midway Ice Rink is committed to conducting its skating programs and activities in a safe manner and holds the safety of participants in high regard. It is our goal to strive to reduce risks and we will require that all participants follow safety rules and instructions that are designed to protect participants’ safety.  However, participants and parents/guardians of minors participating in skating activities must recognize that there is an inherent risk of injury on and around the ice skating rink.

Each individual skater and parents/guardians of minors are solely responsible for determining if you (or your child(ren)) are physically fit and/or adequately skilled for ice-skating activities. It is always advisable, especially if a participant is pregnant, disabled in any way or recently suffered an illness, injury or impairment, to consult a physician before undertaking any physical activity.

Warning of Risk
Ice-skating is intended to challenge and engage the physical, mental and emotional resources of the participant. Despite careful and proper preparation, instruction, medical advice, conditioning and equipment, there is still a risk of serious injury, including but not limited to head injury, neck or back injury, wrist and ankle fractures, and other orthopedic injuries to limbs and joints. Individuals who have a history of these problems should seek the advice of their physician BEFORE engaging in activities that may aggravate pre-existing problems.

It is impossible to foresee all hazards and dangers. The very nature of ice- skating is risky, including but not limited to slip and falls, colliding with other skaters of varying degrees of skill (including being struck from behind), tripping on irregular ice surfaces, cuts from skate blades, inadequate or defective equipment, ill-fitting skates, failure in supervision or instruction, horseplay, carelessness, poor technique, poor conditioning, rule violations, striking a stationary object, premises defects outside the rink, and all other risks inherent to the sport of ice skating.  In this regard, it must be recognized that it is impossible for the Midway Ice Rink to guarantee absolute safety.

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