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Advertise To A Broad Local Market While Keeping Your Tax Deductible Dollars In Our Community.






Midway City Ice Rink Sponsorship Program

The Midway City Ice Rink is now operated under the Midway Boosters organization along with many community volunteers. You have an opportunity to not only support the rink but also advertise to thousands of skaters.

Exclusive Zamboni Sponsor - $2,000

Sponsor the machine that keep the rink alive--the zamboni! Included with this sponsorship are three banners attached to the front and each side of the zamboni. Each time the ice is resurfaced we’ll announce your company name as a supporter of the rink.  

Dasher Board Advertisement - $500*
This is the most popular way to show your support of the rink as well as gain exposure to your business and brand. The dasher board print includes a 2’x7’ vinyl graphic of your choosing. The ad remains from year to year if you choose to continue to support.
*New advertisers required to purchase printed banner ad for $150 - design assistance included.


​During a skating day, we’ll announce over our speaker system your company name as well as a short message (script provided by you) as a sponsor of the rink. You can choose to purchase per week or spread over several days.


Holiday Weeks:   $175/week

Regular Weeks:   $100/week


Is there an event or special promotion you’d like more of the community and/or tourists to know about? Send them home with a printed coupon or flyer. Simply supply the printed materials, and we’ll distribute them to all our guests for up to 7 days for a fee.


Your Advertising Dollars Are 100% Tax Deductible
Since the operation of the rink is under a non-profit, your advertising investment is tax deductible.

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